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Bellevue Seventh-day Adventist Church
Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Newsletters

Beginning in December 2011, our congregation took on the challenge of doing major renovations of our church facility. From time to time we produced newsletters to keep everyone informed of the progress--what had been completed and what still needed to be done. Here are all these newsletters (just below my grateful letter), which I consider to be a record of the miracles God works for a praying, unified and hard-working congregation! -- Pastor Maylan Schurch


Dear Bellevue Church Family,
When you hear the word “miracle,” what comes to your mind? An instantaneous healing, a parted sea, or the sun halted in the sky so a battle can be won? But those are actually the “easy” miracles, where God simply exerts His overwhelming power to alter nature in a supernatural way.
The harder miracles are ones which involve human choice. Why? Since God has truly allowed us freedom, we can limit or enhance His power not only by whether we tell Him “no” or “yes,” but how fervently and frequently we pray.
On Sunday, August 30, 2015, a long, quiet, but no less amazing succession of miracles came to a triumphant conclusion. If you’ve arrived at our church within the past year, you see these miracles’ results mainly in our beautifully renovated church facility. But if you’ve been here since 2012, you know these miracles as our Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).
What happened August 30? Thanks to several years’ faithful support from generous and self-sacrificing church members and others, our CIP projects (costing $338,000) have been completed and paid in full. An additional $20,000 has been set aside to complete the three remaining projects: new signage for the church, window sun screens for the piano/organ area, and possibly platform chairs.  Though we had established a potential loan with the North Pacific Union, we did not have to borrow a single cent of it. Through our financial reserves, but most importantly through your steady and sacrificial giving, we borrowed from—and have now repaid—ourselves.
Why was this a miracle? For one thing, this wasn’t the result of one or two major contributors—we all pulled together. And back in 2012, at the CIP launch, we were all still shuddering from the recession earthquake and its reminder of how money can evaporate with harrowing swiftness. Also, as many congregations have discovered, any change in décor such as carpet and pew coverings can be controversial and potentially divisive. Yet because of a prayerful congregation, and our CIP leadership and committees, August 30’s victory has happened.

And this pull-together spirit was shown in other ways. More than 50 volunteers saved the church thousands of dollars by helping paint the church’s exterior and trim color, remove the old sanctuary and fellowship hall platforms, and move furniture and materials in and out during carpeting and pew work, as well as accomplish other tasks. Together we made some great memories, and have the photos to prove it!
I would like to thank you, one and all, for allowing the Spirit of the Lord to give you courage to meet this challenge to enhance the house of the Lord. In the words of treasurer Jack Woosley, “You have met the mountain and moved it.” And we want to praise God, our true Mountain-Mover, for His goodness to us.

Shelley and I have been truly blessed in pastoring this congregation. We so much appreciate your prayers, your friendship, and your dedication to the Lord. We look forward a new church year filled with the Lord’s blessings, as we continue to follow Him.
Pastor Maylan Schurch   


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