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BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Friday Evening/Vespers

BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Saturday Afternoon/Evening Program

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PARKING ALERT! For years, the high school across the intersection let us use their lot for Sabbath morning overflow. But now they're undergoing major renovation, and that lot is gone! The good news is that the Neighborhood Church, seven blocks north, is letting us use the south section of their lot for our overflow. It's a mere six-minute walk (the pastor can do it in 5:15!). We're already asking our members to park there, and several are. So if you arrive at our church and all spaces happen to be full, drop your family off and head north seven blocks. The lot is on your left. Bring an umbrella for sprinkly Sabbaths. CLICK HERE for a helpful map!

READ OR LISTEN TO "A MAN WITH THE HEART OF GOD," Pastor Maylan Schurch's April 12 sermon on 2 Kings 15. Even while fleeing from a son who was trying to usurp his throne, the aging King David showed three qualities which show why God called him a man after His own heart. (Click audio or text.)

--Thursday, April 24,
2014 --
"Got Scripture? by Russell Jurgensen. "One of the modern marvels of cell phones and tablets is the ability to carry a Bible wherever you go.  It holds not only one Bible, but as many versions as you want.  The benefits don't stop there . . . ." (Click here to read more)

If you enjoy digging deep into Scripture in a small-group setting, join our popular Wednesday evening Bible study, "Why We Believe What We Believe"! Click here to learn more.

If you missed church and would like to keep up on the latest news about church activities, go to the Main Menu at the upper left of this page, and click on "Bulletins Online." Or just click here.

This year Pastor Maylan is encouraging you to read your Bible through! Each week he preaches, he will present a message based on a passage from within that week's reading. His year-long sermon series will be called "Near the Heart of God," and will seek to discover the true heart of the Almighty within the Bible's sometimes tempestuous events. Click here for the Bible reading plan and more information about the series.

Our potluck fellowship dinners, which are totally vegetarian, happen the first and third Saturdays of each month, following the worship service.

LET'S GROW HEALTHY! Click on the above icon, or click here, to go to a web page where you'll see a  series of short, power-packed health tips. After a summer break, the Health Tips are back! 

WOULD YOU LIKE a brief, Christ-centered summary of what Adventists believe? See What We Believe. Want late-breaking Adventist and other Christian news? For the Adventist News Network, click: and for the Adventist Review click:

CHILD SAFETY POLICY-- The Bellevue church has established a no-attendance policy for registered sex offenders which includes all church-sponsored events. For more information, go to

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BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Sabbath Morning Service

BSDA 50th Reunion Photos -- Sunday Morning Brunch

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Place: Bellevue, WA

Start: 08:12 PM, 04/25/2014

End: 08:13 PM, 04/26/2014

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