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Jennifer Hudspeth in Laos



Hello Everyone!

I want to start with praise.  My fundraising goal was reached a couple of weeks ago and I now have my ticket and leave September 4.  (extremely soon)  Praise God!  Thank you to all who have supported this project financially and to those who have supported through prayer. I have attached a newsletter and hope to continue sending out newsletters once I am in the field.  I still have to work out a schedule for that once I see how much free time I’ll have. 

Future newsletters will first have to be approved by AFM before I massively send them out because of the nature of the project.  On that note, I was asked to share with my support team to please keep the language sent to me through emails non-specific, meaning please do not use any of the organization names I am associated with and try not to use religious jargon and the term missionary.  This is per request of AFM so as not to threaten the progression of the work already in place over there because it is a creative access area. 

Also, I do not have a Facebook account, but for my Facebook friends please do not post anything about the project or anything I might share with you through emails or newsletters on Facebook or any other social media.  Thank you!
Enjoy the newsletter and hope you had a blessed Sabbath!

Jennifer Hudspeth
































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