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Dear Fellow-pastor or Church Leader --

Below you'll see the documents mentioned in my Ministry article "The Nominating Committee: Streamlining the Process." I hope they can be of use to you.

Note that the brief job descriptions in the Nom Com Survey Packet may not agree exactly with those in the Church Manual. They're just informal descriptions of each office's duties as performed in our particular congregation.

Maylan Schurch


Nominating Committee Survey Packet

This "packet" is actually only two sheets, stapled together. We copy the "Opportunities for Service" page on white, and the actual questionnaire page on yellow. The sheets are stapled so that when they're folded, the survey is on the outside. Our secretary places a mailing label on the packet (including additional survey sheets according to eligible family members), and hands them to the families. Any families not present will be mailed the packets. (By the way, none of this is copyrighted--go ahead and use or revise it if you'd find it helpful.)

The Job Description Sheet

Bellevue Seventh-day Adventist Church

Please read the following job mini-descriptions carefully.  Some descriptions have been updated, and there are other important additional notes!   

If you’re happy where you are, please consider remaining in that position.  And look around you for others with whom you’d like to work--and be ready to suggest their names to the nominating committee. 

Part of the responsibility of becoming a leader, of course, means that you’re setting an example to others--in lifestyle, in finances,1 etc.  This might at first seem daunting, but remember that Jesus not only calls us but also equips us to be His disciples. Take courage!  My goal for every Bellevue member is that he or she find joy in serving the Lord in some particular niche.  And remember, there are many ways not on this list in which we can serve our Lord, each other, and the world beyond our walls--and some of these ways may be the most creative and rewarding of all!  Each one of us is precious in God's sight;  a valuable, worthwhile member of His family, and He calls us each to serve Him.

Very soon, your Nominating Committee will begin its assignment of prayerfully considering which church members could best serve in a multitude of church positions. We'd like your input in two areas:  (1) areas of service in which you feel gifted, interested or experienced, and (2) any suggestions you have of other church members you think would serve well in specific areas.  Please feel free to list your willingness to serve in as many areas of service as you like, recognizing, of course, that the committee itself will be making the final recommendations on these positions, which will take effect in July of this year.  – Pastor Maylan Schurch

* * * * * *

  AUDIO-VISUAL COMMITTEE:  Operates sound system, including recording apparatus, for Sabbath and other services as needed; operates and/or supervises use of other audio-visual equipment; maintains blank tape or CD stock; duplicate sermons and other seminars as requested
  CHURCH MUSIC COORDINATORS:  Schedule special music for the 11 a.m. Sabbath worship services
  CLERK: Serve as secretary of Church Board and Church Business meetings;  keep updated online records of church membership;  handle membership transfer correspondence 
  COMMUNICATION SECRETARY:  Writes news releases for Gleaner and local media, helps encourage good relations between church and community
  DECORATING COMMITTEE:  Recommends to board courses of action regarding appearance of church facility interior and exterior
  DEACONS:  Assist at church services; work with pastor and elders in a variety of ways, including keeping in touch with members and int
rested individuals;  care for church property
      JUNIOR DEACONS:  Young men who are deacons-in-training
  DEACONESSES:  Assist at baptisms and communion;  work with pastor and elders in a variety of services, including keeping in touch with members and interested individuals
      JUNIOR DEACONESSES:  Young women who are deaconesses-in-training
  ELDERS:  Lead church members into deeper and fuller Christian experience by assisting pastor in nurture of members and outreach to community; coordinate and nurture parish groups
  FAMILY LIFE COORDINATOR: Acts as liaison between conference Family Life department and local church; keeps congregation aware of family life resources
  FINANCIAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Several church officers plus two members at large discuss and make recommendations to the church board regarding major church financial issues
  FLOWER COMMITTEE:  Plans and arranges for weekly sanctuary floral decorations
  FLOWERS FOR THE SICK OR BEREAVED: Delivers flowers to those who are ill, and provides bereavement flowers
  HOSPITALITY COORDINATOR AND TEAM:  Coordinate twice-a-month Sabbath noon luncheons in fellowship hall
  LAY ADVISORY DELEGATE:  Represents the church on the conference-wide Lay Advisory Council which meets at least twice a year
  LIBRARIAN:  Supervises church library services;  purchases and catalogues new books
  LOSS CONTROL COORDINATOR: Assesses security and safety issues within local congregation; acts as loss control liaison with conference
  ORGANIST/PIANISTS AND ASSISTANTS:  Play organ or piano for Sabbath worship services
  PATHFINDER STAFF: Leads or assists in this co-ed Scout-like program for young people ages 10-15 (Pathfinders)2
  MINISTRIES FOR JESUS COMMITTEE:  Assists pastor in training and directing the church in active missionary service (formerly known as “Personal Ministries Committee”)

  CHAIRPERSON:  Chairs meetings and supervises committee activities
  SECRETARY:  Records minutes for meetings; orders supplies
  COMMUNITY SERVICES LEADER AND ASSISTANTS:  Coordinate clothing bank and its related services
  HEALTH COORDINATOR: Promotes health within the church and as a community outreach
  INTEREST COORDINATOR:  Maintains a database of people who are interested in various aspects of Adventism, and seeks to meet their needs by connecting them with church members.
  PRISON MINISTRIES: Contacts, visits and assists in religious services for prison inmates
  WELCOME BABY: Contacts parents with newborns with Kay Kuzma’s Welcome Baby plan
  COMMITTEE MEMBERS AT LARGE:  Serve as additional committee  members representing the congregation at large
  RECEPTION COMMITTEE:  Warmly greets all members and visitors Sabbath morning;  makes newcomers feel welcome
  SABBATH SCHOOL SECRETARY:  Orders and distributes Sabbath School supplies;  counts, records, and gives treasurer all Sabbath School offerings;  takes Sabbath School Council minutes
  SABBATH SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT (GENERAL): Oversees smooth and effective operation of Sabbath School;  emphasizes worldwide and local mission work;  conducts SS Council meetings
  SABBATH SCHOOL LEADERS--ADULT DIVISION:  Plan and conduct adult Sabbath School programs
  SABBATH SCHOOL LEADERS AND ASSISTANTS--CHILDREN'S DIVISIONS:  Prepare and lead weekly programs to encourage children's Christian growth
      BEGINNERS (birth-4)2
      KINDERGARTEN (age 4-first grade)2 

      PRIMARY (second through fourth grades)2
      JUNIOR (fifth and sixth grades)2
  SAGE REPRESENTATIVE: Acts as local representative for Seniors in Action for God with Excellence organization

  SCHOOL BOARD REPRESENTATIVES (KSDA & PSAA):  Represent congregation at regular school board meetings; keep church board apprised of school issues. 
  SINGLES MINISTRIES LEADER: Acts as liaison with Adventist Singles Ministries
  SOCIAL COMMITTEE:  Plans church retreats and other frequent social events which involve all age levels and serve as both fellowship and outreach activities for the church
  TREASURER:  Acts as custodian for all church funds, maintains church financial records, disburses funds as directed, reports to church board
      ASSISTANTS:  Assist treasurer in above responsibilities
  WEDDING COORDINATOR:  Is available to coordinate weddings held in the church facility
  WOMEN’S MINISTRIES LEADER:  Coordinates nurture and outreach activities for women
  WORSHIP TEAM(S): Coordinate and lead worship music between Sabbath School and church.

1On February 23, 1995 the church board voted that, because of their exemplary positions, “church offices which are board positions shall only be filled by members who financially support the church with tithes and offerings,” and “that deacons and deaconesses be included” in this action.
2A Washington Conference policy requires that anyone involved with children fill out standard background-check forms. Thanks for understanding--and thanks for serving our children!

The Member Survey


Quite a list, isn’t it?  And this is just the skeleton, the bone structure of our church body.  Now we need people--we need you--to add the flesh and blood, the heart and soul of Christian service. Here’s your chance to volunteer your service:

A) After careful thought and prayer, I’ve listed below some positions in which I feel interested and qualified to volunteer my service:

My first choice                                                                       

My second choice                                                                   

My third choice                                                                      


B)   Here are some positions of service I’ve filled in the past (this experience may include service in the Bellevue SDA congregation, other SDA congregations, or other church groups):








C)  I understand that the Nominating Committee may not realize all the talents, gifts, and experience in our church congregation. Here are some members I feel would be particularly well-qualified for a certain position of service, and here’s why I think he or she would serve well in that position:

Name                                                               Position and


Name                                                               Position and


Name                                                               Position and



D)   And just in case we’ve completely overlooked an area of service, here’s a place where you can list any position or committee not included on our list which you feel would be of benefit to the congregation and/or community.


YOUR NAME:                                                                                                                                       






Tools for Nominating Committee Meetings

The Nom Com Guide

Here's a photo of a sample entry on the Nom Com guide, which the Nom Com uses during their meetings. This is prepared using the Microsoft Word Tables and footnotes functions. The instructions to the nominating committee are hard to read, so I'll print them below the photo.


Here's the text of the material at the top of the worksheet page in the photo:

2010-2011 OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE -- Member Survey Reponses

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As you know, on the “Opportunities for Service” sheet, most members ranked their choices.  After each person’s name who volunteered for something, I’ve placed a parenthesized number indicating the ranking the person used.  “(1)” means this was their first choice of position, “(2)” their second choice, etc.  (NOTE:  A tiny raised number is a footnote--go to the bottom of the page.  An asterisk [*] before the name of the office indicates that this is a board position.)


 The "How to Ask Someone" Suggestion Sheet

(Though Nom Com members kid me about this, they find it helpful when they call prospective church office-holders.) 

How to Ask Someone to Take an Office
(Some Suggestions)

Ask each person as though he or she is your only call. 

Don’t try to get them into a good mood before breaking the news that you’re calling from the nominating committee (they’ll already suspect this anyway.)  Just get right to the point. 

Emphasize that this office begins the first of July.  This often defuses their fear--especially if they’re going through a pretty busy spring.

Mention that this may not be the only time they’ll be called.  Tell them that the committee will be meeting during the entire month of April and they may be called again for some other positions.

Don’t flatter.  People can pick this up pretty quickly.

Do tell them, “The nominating committee thought you would be good in this position--they feel, and I feel, that you have the qualities it would take.”  Put this into your own words.

If they’re the first choice for the office, tell them so.  But if they’re second or third choice, don’t say anything about this.

If you’re calling someone to be a part of a committee, and if others have already said yes to it, tell them so.  Say “Let me tell you who else is on the committee so far.  There’s Mary Smith and John Jones . . .”  This often makes people feel more comfortable.

If the person isn’t sure whether he or she will be in the area during the coming year, ask them to accept it on a provisional basis (if the committee says it’s okay).  Tell them it’s the church board’s responsibility to fill the post if they have to leave.





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