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Welcome to the Rethink Prophecy webpage!

Here's a
copy of the complete Rethink Prophecy mailout brochure which has arrived in 47,000 Bellevue homes! Join us starting Friday night, October 4, at 7 p.m.! -- Pastor Maylan

Here’s the schedule of the rest of the “Rethink” meetings.

SATURDAY, Oct 12, 7
– 8 p.m. – The Devil’s Greatest Deception! (Part 1)
– Tonight we’ll discover
Revelation verses which pinpoint qualities Jesus says we must possess to survive the last days. Learn more about how to position your family on God’s side. (“The Christian Thinker” mini-course continues as well.)

SUNDAY, Oct. 13, 7
– 8 p.m. The Devil’s Greatest Deception! (Part 2
) – “I’m too busy,” people used
to say. Now it’s “I’m too tired.” Tonight we’ll discover why prophecy says that learning to rest in God is crucial as we face earth’s future. (“The Christian Thinker” continues nightly.)

MONDAY, Oct. 14, 7
– 8 p.m. The Devil’s Greatest Deception! (Part 3)
– Tonight we’ll follow a
two-millennium trail of history to document one of the greatest cover-ups ever. Prophecy predicted not only this cover-up, but its eventual collapse. Tonight you’ll find the answer to crucial questions—and your heart will be more closely aligned with your Savior’s.

TUESDAY – No meeting.

WEDNESDAY – No meeting.

THURSDAY – No meeting.

FRIDAY, Oct. 18, 7 – 8 p.m. Steps Toward a “Whole” New Life! Jesus said, “I am the Way”—which literally means “road” in Greek. And He invited His disciples not merely to nod in assent, but to “follow.” The Christian life is a journey, and tonight you’ll learn some of its essential steps.

SATURDAY, Oct. 19,
11 a.m.

morning you’ll rejoice with a young man who has decided to follow Jesus in
Bible baptism.

SATURDAY, Oct. 19,
7 – 8 p.m.
Will the World End?  “Fear not,” Jesus insisted while talking about this topic, but we need to know the Bible facts. Tonight we’ll learn what the world’s end will look, feel and sound like—and how we can triumphantly survive

SUNDAY, Oct. 20, 7
– 8 p.m
. The Bible Truth About Death!  What really happens after you die? Every
culture has its own answer--and prophecy reveals that the devil has taken, and will keep taking, advantage of this! But the clear print on the pages of God’s Word offers surprising relief, and incredible comfort!

MONDAY, Oct. 21, 7
– 8 p.m.
The Bible Truth About Hell! (Here’s
Part 2 of Saturday night’s topic.) In recent years—and months-- the doctrine of hell has become an incredibly hot topic (pun intended). Yet by simply reading clear Bible print, you can find comforting (and possibly unexpected) facts—and you’ll see God’s love in this topic as well! Don’t miss this heart-healing subject!

TUESDAY – No meeting.

WEDNESDAY – No meeting.

THURSDAY – No meeting.

FRIDAY, Oct. 25, 7 – 8 p.m. The Mark of the Beast! The number 666 has been graffiti-sprayed on alley walls, embossed on rock album covers, applied to kings and presidents and tyrants and dictators. Tonight you’ll learn what the mark of the beast is, and how you can avoid it. Come and be encouraged!

SATURDAY, Oct. 26, 11 a.m. What Will Heaven Really Be Like? You’ve seen the cartoons—people in white robes fingering harps. What does Bible prophecy really say about our heavenly home—and what is the Bible sentence with the five key words which will ensure you get there?

SATURDAY, Oct. 26,
7 – 8 p.m. Why So Many Denominations?
In John 17, Jesus expressed the
hope that His followers would be “one,” as He and His Father were one. What happened? Paul and other Bible prophets explain why—and how to discover and evaluate truth. Don’t miss this farewell presentation!

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